• Established in 2010, leading provider of credentials management services.
  • Professionals receive a personalized monthly credentials report detailing the current status of licensure, professional organization and/or agency memberships and historic continuing education credits hours.
  • Our software uses the internet to securely, effectively and efficiently manage your credentials.
  • We monitor the latest licensing requirements from state, national and international licensing jurisdictions, professional membership organizations and agencies.
  • We electronically acquire and maintain credentials data for Architects, Engineers and Landscape Architects.
  • Client information is stored safely and will not be compromised or offered for sale.
  • We accept data from all 51 US jurisdictions, 3 US territories and international licensing jurisdictions for each client.
  • Whether you are a sole practitioner or a multi discipline firm with many professionals maintaining multiple licenses and professional memberships AECredentialing is your comprehensive trusted service for credentials management.

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Additional Benefits:

  • A proven, dependable, affordable and user-friendly advanced technology solution for credentials management
  • The CredentiaLIST reduces paper and files storage with easy on-demand access.
  • Eliminate time consuming tasks of researching, updating, and cataloging current licensing requirements, professional membership organization/agency status rules/regulations, and continuing education credit hours records.
  • A firm of licensed professionals can expect substantial overhead savings by securing our quality credentials management services.
  • Each firm receives a complete electronic credentials status report for all licensed professionals on a quarterly basis.
  • A firm may access additional credentials reports on-demand when preparing marketing materials such as an RFP.


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