Alastair C. Elliott, PE, Principal, Chief Operating Officer, Silman

“Silman is a structural engineering firm founded in 1966 with offices in New York, NY, Washington DC, Boston, MA and Ann Arbor, MI. We have 13 engineering principals with licenses in 39 US jurisdictions. We rely on LS Credentialing Services to manage our multiple licenses and professional memberships. The comprehensive monthly credentials reports we receive give us confidence we remain compliant in all of our jurisdictions.”

Angie A. Kriner, Executive Assistant, Lynch Mykins

“I love the service provided by AECredentialing.  Tracking PDHs for an engineer in 16 different states was mostly done manually with a spreadsheet.  AECredentialing set me up with a record that now allows me to access and upload info with a few keystrokes and clicks.  The monthly credentials reports give me a snapshot of everything I need in one glance.  It’s both a time saver AND a “sanity saver.”  

Elaine M. Covin, CPA, CFO, Looney Ricks Kiss

“Thanks to the thorough audit services AECredentialing provides, they helped us supplement our ongoing efforts to remain in compliance in the jurisdictions where we work.”

John E. Funk, PE, Director, Structural Engineering, Senior Associate, Hollis + Miller Architects

“I just used the tool to add PDH credits and it worked great. I am glad all of my credentials information is centralized, simple to access and easy to use.”

James Draheim, AIA, LEED AP BD + C President, Dewberry

"As the President of Dewberry Architects, Engineers, Consultants, my leadership responsibilities require much attention to detail nationally and internationally with more than 40 locations in 19 states. Maintaining professional licensure in multiple national and international jurisdictions as the Dewberry Practice Area Manager in and of itself is a time consuming and complicated process. Receiving my monthly credentials report from LS Credentialing Services provides me security and confidence to focus on the most important Dewberry principle, client first."

P. Lindsay Robertson, PE, Vice President, W L Cassell & Associates

“My company historically did engineering work locally, but with the economic down turn in 2009 we had to begin looking for work outside of our local area. Somehow I became the person in our office who started collecting licenses from various states where we were finding work and AECredentialing.com has made it much easier to keep track of these new licenses, their continuing education requirements and their renewal dates. In fact, I would have missed a renewal date for one of my licenses if it were not for the monthly reports I receive from AECredentialing – one of the states in which I have a license sent my renewal reminder to an old address and I did not receive it and the renewal reminder I received from AECredentialing prompted me to pay my renewal on time and get my address corrected with that particular state.”

Mike Cummings, AIA, LEED AP, Principal TK Architects

"I am licensed in multiple states, more than thirty, and I maintain several professional affiliations as well. It is a relief and offers a sense of personal and professional security to have my credentials managed by AECredentialing.com. The monthly credentialing reports provide a simple and understandable way for me to maintain focus on licensing and continuing education in a systematic way."

Kurt Higgins, PE, Vice President, Allgeier, Martin and Associates, MSPE President 2010-2011

"For companies who want to keep track of each engineer’s renewal dates and PDH requirements, I can definitely see where this product would be helpful. I would recommend it to others."

Dawn Taylor, Exec Director, AIA Kansas City

"Nice to see how your firm can help "give back time" to architects and engineers."

K. Smith, Exec Secretary, Great Falls Society of Architects

"We have been discussing ideas to help our members with licensing and continuing education. For two years now I have been searching for ways to keep everything organized and up-to-date. I just discovered AE Credentialing and I believe they will be of benefit to our members."

Debra Box, Development Exec for Source KC, Executive Director, Support Kansas City, Inc.

"AECredentialing is able to create efficiencies in the required areas of managing licenses, professional organization memberships and the monitoring of continuing education for architects, engineers, interior designers, landscape architects, etc."

Debra Box, Development Exec for Source KC, Executive Director, Support Kansas City, Inc.